The aim of the conference is to bring together local and international experts, researchers, scholars, policy makers, industrialists, etc in various fields of energy and environment related principles to present their findings. It will also create opportunities for the display of products, applications and research collaboration.

Conference Technical Sessions will be along the following:

1. Environmental Pollution, Law and Policy
2. Climate Change Adaptation/Mitigation
3. Sustainable Development
4. Carbon dioxide and Greenhouse gas mitigation
5. Energy Harvesting and Sustainable Environment
6. Impact of Renewable Energy on Women and Children
7. Renewable Energy and Youth Empowerment
8. Renewable Energy Education

1. Conventional fuels (oil, gas, coal, lignite)
2. Biofuels and Bioenergy
3. Energy Efficiency and Conservation
4. Sustainable National Energy Growth
5. Small-Scale Renewable Energy
6. Renewable Energy and Photonics
7. Solar Energy Technologies (Solar Thermal and PV)
8. Waste to Energy
9. Tidal Energy
10.Ground Thermal Storage and Geothermal Energy
11. Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Generation
12. Energy System Modeling
13. Hybrid Energy Systems
14. Wind Energy
15. Smart grids
16. Clean Technology
17. Off-Grid Renewable Energy and Green Economy
18. Renewable Energy and Information Technology
19. Energy Storage Systems and Technologies

1. Economics of Energy Systems
2. Payback of Energy Systems
3. Market Feasibility of Energy Systems
4. Energy and Cost Saving Potential
5. Trends: Past, Present, Future of Energy Generation in Developing Countries
6. Green Chemistry
7. Renewable Energy and Carbon Pricing
8. Green Agriculture and Food Security
9. Energy Markets, Pricing and Feed-in Tariffs
10. Energy Financing and Green Climate Fund
11. Sustainability Accounting
12. Environmental Reporting

1. Sustainable building design
2. Eco-Design and Sustainable Cities
3. Sustainable construction technologies
4. Sustainable Building Materials
5. Energy efficiency in buildings

6. Urban Green infrastructure
7. Sustainable Planning
8. Sustainable Urban Management
9. Education and Practice
10. Smart Cities
11. Inclusive solutions for Sustainable Development

1. Biotechnology, Safe Environment & Impact Management
2. Sustainable, Renewable Energy and Biotechnology
3. Low Energy Input, Bio-Innovations, Biotechnology Processes and Products
4. Bioethics, Biosafety, Safe Products, Patent Laws and Advocacy
5. Bioresources: Biowastes, Bioelectronics and Bioenergy
6. ICT, Biotechnology, Emerging Agriculture and Environment
7. Green Growth Technology and Innovation