Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and subsequent ban on international travel, restrictions on movement, and ban on large gatherings imposed by governments across the world, the organizer of ICESE2020 has adopted “VIRTUAL CONFERENCE” option. Consequently, all participants will make presentations via video or virtual platforms due to the ravaging pandemic.
Participants are therefore enjoined to take note of the following changes, instructions and protocol put in place to ensure a successful hosting of the e-conference;

  • ICESE 2020 now holds as “VIRTUAL CONFERENCE
  • The platforms for the virtual conference shall be ZOOM and WHOVA
  • Date for the virtual conference has been shifted to JULY 28 – 30, 2020
  • Information of the participating authors will be hosted 2 weeks before the conference
  • Registered participants and presenters shall be invited on the “VIRTUAL PLATFORM” 2 weeks before the date
  • The virtual conference shall have a general session and three technical sessions
  • Keynote and plenary speakers shall deliver their speech on general platform via ZOOM 
  • Daily announcements and advertisements shall also be made on the general platform during the e-conference
  • Paper presentation, question, and answer shall come up during the technical sessions via ZOOM
  • Keynote and plenary speakers shall have 15 minutes to deliver their speech
  • Participants shall have 8 minutes to present their papers
  • Questions, answers, and contributions shall be submitted via the ZOOM platform
  • Conference feedback shall be sent via google link